The Aragon Research Tech Spectrum™ for Digital Transaction Management, 2015 – Moving beyond Paper

Traditionally, paper has been the way that business has been conducted. Now in the digital era, electronic documents are the norm. While Digital Transaction Management (DTM) is all about doing transactions digitally, it is more importantly about the process of keeping document processes fully digital, including, but not limited to, the electronic signature. This research note evaluates 10 providers who are at various stages of DTM enablement.


The race to the digital workplace is about eliminating analog processes. DTM applications use cloud-based software and services to digitally-manage a wide range of document-centric business processes involving people, documents, data, and transactions both inside and outside the firewall. As more processes move to the digital domain, we will see a reduction in the use of paper as the sole record to complete those processes. The issue isn’t that paper will not be used; it’s that the need to print documents is decreasing.

Über Aragon Research Inc

Aragon Research Inc is a research and advisory firm that was founded in 2011 by Jim Lundy and Mike Anderson. Based in Silicon Valley (Morgan Hill), we are focused on providing thought leading research and unmatched advisory services to help your enterprise make better technology and strategy decisions. With over 50 years of end user, vendor and analyst knowhow, Aragon Research has the experience and insight you need.

Aragon Research focuses on high impact research and unmatched advice to help you make better technology and strategy decisions. The research team has over 50 years of combined business and technology experience. Jim Lundy was a Managing Vice President at Gartner, where he each led a number of research practice areas.

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